Friday, July 3, 2015

Fighting haulers

I have settled in a new c4. As usual stalking locals, by being half afk, only checking EVE client occasionally. Oh boy! We have an activity. I got visual on a big, fat Rattlesnake.

I know locals like to do anomalies. I haven't seen them in action, but lack of sites says they keep place tidy. I wait, but nothing happens. Eventually Rattlesnake pilot logs out and there's only one guy in Astero that is left. Screw it, I am going to look around.

I poke in in a connecting c2 class system. I spot Stratios on scan. It seems he's just about done with the site.

His salvaging drones are on to the last sleeper wreck. I am only at 100km off. There is no time to make a tactical bookmark. I can only hope he will do another site. Unfortunately, pilot just warps out of the system and is nowhere to be seen again. I guess he was just day tripping. I continue exploring.

Tanky Occator

I resolve another c4 from a c2. There seems to be some activity. I warp to the tower and find 2 Occators sitting. They are not just sitting, but also warping in and out. Looks like a logistics run. I quickly try to resolve the signature they are warping to and get ready. Occator would be a nice kill. Unless they have WCS fitted, I should get one without much trouble. After watching them for awhile I got an opportunity. Transport ship lands on the wormhole and I decloak. I tackle it and wait for my fleet to come. Hauler does not jump. Instead, he is tackling me back. What the hell is going on?

Is this a bait?  I couldn't have been spotted. I was extremely careful and did not decloak until now, so chances should be slim. Besides, I watched them do few runs before revealing myself. It's not like they stuck on the wormhole, waiting for me.

My Domi fleet lands and I start shooting the deep space hauler. He is tanked. He is tanked like hell. I have 3 Ogre sets on him, but it doesn't feel like it. Finally he jumps. I follow. He makes good use of his session change timer and stays cloaked for good 30 seconds. I get him on the other side, but he manages to get back and jump out again. I follow again and once more wait for his timer to end. Meanwhile, I keep watching d-scan. If it was a bait, I would be fighting a fleet already, but instead, I am just trying to get a lone Occator. I know he has a friend at pos. So far he did not intervene, but I see ships being swapped. Finally he joins the fight in an Oneiros. Occator had about 1/3rd armor when repairs landed. In a few seconds, it was obvious one Oneiros out-repairs my damage from 3 Dominixes. Despite me using remote reps myself, I really hope a day will come when CCP will introduce stacking penalties to remote repairs. Five minutes pass and Occator jumps back again. This is a waste of time. I recall my drones and warp back home.


  1. How tough is an oneiros to break? Assuming it kept range so that it wasn't a real option to change targets.
    Suprising how much dps one logistics ship can handle.

  2. Occators are DSTs so they get massive bonuses to overheating tank mods. Occator also gets a armor rep amount bonus so they are incredibly tanky.

    An Impel can be tanked up to over 1 million EHP with a few well placed deadspace mods. Considering a lot of their tank is in the resists it makes a single Oneiros even more effective as they repair raw armour amounts.

  3. @Raziel. He was out of range. He warped out when i was in process of tackling him with my proteus, but bought enough time for polarization timer to end

  4. As that guy on the Simpson's is fond of saying. .HA HA!