Friday, July 24, 2015

New player expedition to wormhole space

I scanned out a c2 wormhole. I haven't seen who, but d-scan showed some scout ships on scan. It had quite few connections too. Wormholes with a lot of connections tend to have a lot of action. As expected, there was not much going on. For the time that is, as later I spot Gila doing a site. I get visual just in time to see him warp off.

He either noticed me or someone else. Since I have wormhole scanned out I see him warp to a c4 connection. I follow. Looks like he was not running from me. I see two ships land just after he jumps.

Oops, looks like I was very close to being a part of a double gank. Again. I knew system was rather active, so  I was a bit wary of Gila doing sites just like that. Regardless, I was going to go for it. I had my Domi fleet on the wormhole sitting, getting ready to jump at the moments notice. I've risked before ganking while knowing I'm not alone. One of these days I will end up back in high-sec in a pod. Strangely, part of me is even looking forward to that. This could have been one of those times as I watch more ships assemble on the wormhole.

I even had some ideas of ambushing the gankers, preferably polarized. However, increasing numbers of pilots on grid helped me to ditch such thoughts. While I could probably take on the numbers I see in front of me, a quick background check shows 2 guardians present in some battles. They would have my fate sealed if I engaged and they were present. Instead, I just watch them warp off with empty hands. They should really invest in some proper cloaky gank Proteuses. I park mine in the next system and go afk.

Crashing the party

As usual, before calling it a day, I do a sweep in systems I have scanned out. Previously empty systems might now have life. No stone is left unturned. I start with the active system where I met gank fleet. First d-scan result immediately returns interesting results.

There's a fleet slaughtering sleepers. And a quite big one. I don't remember last time I've seen so many ships in a site. Usually you find solo or duo pilots, sometimes triple and quadruple group. I find them at one of the anomalies.

I see 8 pilots on Grid with a mix of battlecruisers and cruisers. Those probably are all individual pilots. I wonder if my 3 Navy Dominixes would be up for a challenge. They probably would. Hardest part would be setting up the chain and focusing same targets and keeping tackle on. Corp doesn't look pvp oriented and background check of some players reveals they are quite new, only few or several months old. I'm going in.

I tackle Navy Drake and random battlecruiser I managed to lock. It's funny, I do not get any response. I am not even yellowboxed and my Domi fleet has already entered their warp. As they are not the fastest aligning ships, you can guess how much time has passed without getting a reaction.

Finally everyone targets me and starts shooting. My Proteus is heavily tanked, but I also see quite few jamming drones on the field, which makes me worry. Once my Domi fleet lands and I setup spider tank, farming fleet sees that, despite their numbers, odds are not in their favor. I lost a lock few times, but thankfully my primary - Navy Issue Drake, did not escape. Everything else I manage to keep on grid was bonus points.

When the fight was over, I checked battle report and saw that I managed to kill 3 out of 8. Not bad. Drake being the most shiny of all,and probably worth more than the remaining fleet combined. Viewing the killmail my eyes clenched a little.

Almost 600 mil loss. Not fully fitted, dual tanked c2 runner Drake. Everything about it is just wrong. Character is only 2 weeks old. The name looks awfully lot like an alt's name. Regardless, such fitting mistakes you would only expect from a new player. I packed my stuff, looted that juicy drop and was on my way when I received a convo from corps CEO. I prepared myself for some flame, but to my surprise, my content providing services were well received.

Props to the CEO in taking new players to wormhole space instead of just having them mine all day. I see a bright future when I meet players like that. Just one tip for future: check fits of all the ships participating in ops.


  1. Another good read! Enjoy the adventures and sceenshot backing it up.

  2. Hello there!
    I like your blog - been looking for something like this ever since Confessions of a Wormhole Killer stopped posting. This stuff is gold. Years ago I used to post on MyLootYourTears with Paul Clavet & Khalia Nestune back in the day when ninja salvaging was at its peak. This is like a blast from the past.

    I love how you're 4boxing and actually winning more than losing with them. I dunno if you're still wh ganking cause I'm not that far along into your posts, but I was wondering if you have or had ever considered using a brick tanked Phobos or other Hic in place of a domi to hold more stuff on the field. All you'd have to do is bubble up once domis land and then I think far less fleets like this would escape your grasp.

    Anywho keep posting. I'm gonna keep reading now. :)

    1. Hi! Glad you hear you are enjoying stories. It does not work with heavy dictor because you lose a lot of dps/neut/repair potential and also a lot of ratters can burn out of bubble easily if its a ship like a Tengu.