Friday, October 9, 2015

Making friends by ganking

When it comes to the world of pvp, there are only two sides: a prey and a predator. Everyone who killed and lost a ship got to be on both sides. It's a natural cycle. However, there is a fascinating phenomenon that happens in EVE. A prey can become friends with a predator. I heard many times how new players joined pvp corps that they were killed by minutes ago. Heck, even I had a player leave our corp to the guys that killed him. A bond made by exchanging ammo can be a strong one.

There was an activity going on in my system. I saw at least two Asteros flying and I have at least two corps mapped on separate connections. When I thought things slowed down, I noticed an Astero unusually long on scan. As expected, I found him at one of the sites.

Without big ceremony I quickly took care of him. A cool 100 mil kill.

I am disappointed with a lack of sister probe launchers. Everyone became so cost sensitive lately. After a successful gank I do a quick sweep of surrounding systems. I jump to one of connecting c2s and find a Tengu at the direction of anomaly.

Boy, you can really be on a roll sometimes. And yes, I consider it a roll to find a completely different target in 5 minutes after the first gank. It's wormhole space after all. I quickly make a position bookmark and get ready. Thankfully, Tengu was sloppy with his d-scan as I came in unnoticed. One moment Tengu was shooting sleepers, another - a Dominix fleet was shooting him.

Strategic cruiser explodes, but unfortunately, the loot fairy takes the the good share of the drop.

I pack my stuff and get back to the system. Soon I get a surprising convo request from an Astero pilot that I ganked earlier.

LlamaStar Cremozza > I have a strong suspicion that if it's not yours, there are Russians trying to roll a hole w/ a Tempest in the hole you just killed me in. I'd be happy to team up to try & kill it.
ggnoreTT > c5?
ggnoreTT > looks like it
LlamaStar Cremozza > That's where the Astero went, and there was a tempest w/ same ship name on scan in the C3 just after you killed me.

I get an interesting offer. The guy reports an intel that someone is rolling a wormhole. Of course in the heat of a gank I could have missed it so I decide to double check. I warp to a c5, that I know is occupied, and check the mass. Well I'll be damned. It is below half mass already.

ggnoreTT > they are from c5 and i guess they are rolling it
LlamaStar Cremozza > Yeh.
LlamaStar Cremozza > Well, I'm not butthurt about the Astero. If you want to try & grab the Tempest we can bring a couple guys. If not no worries.
ggnoreTT > ok
ggnoreTT > grab a stratios
ggnoreTT > and come to c5 and orbit 5k
ggnoreTT > dont engage before me
LlamaStar Cremozza > Lemme see what else we can bring.
LlamaStar Cremozza > Already have a bomber watching it.

Remember when I mentioned that bond made my ammo exchange is strong? Well, the smell of blood is also a great way to get people working together. While there is always a chance of you being played, I decide to go for it. For all I know, the guy could be creating an elaborate bait with the other corp to trap me, but enough of tinfoil conspiracy theories. It's time for the waiting game.

ggnoreTT > the point is to bump tempest
ggnoreTT > from the wormhole
LlamaStar Cremozza > Yeah
ggnoreTT > did you see them after our encounter?
LlamaStar Cremozza > Yes. 2min after
LlamaStar Cremozza > Tengu yours?...
ggnoreTT > chances are they saw me on dscan and wont jump anymore
ggnoreTT > no, there was tengu on scan? :)
LlamaStar Cremozza > Is right now, just jumped Stratios in.

While we waited, a local had logged in. It's the Tengu I have been hoping to catch, but it doesn't feel today will be that day. With so many hostiles flying around and with Astero's drones still at the site, no one sane will move out of pos shields. Nevertheless, it's nice to have an extra pair of eyes for a change. While we chat, I suddenly hear a jump sound. An Abaddon appears.

ggnoreTT > gogogo
ggnoreTT > bump him

I quickly decloak and go full speed for the bump. While my Domi fleet was in warp, my new friends started working on the Abaddon.

The battleship melts against our combined forces.

A good kill. A kill that probably would not have happened as I did not watch a c5 connection. The wormhole would have disappeared into the void without any violence whatsoever. A big shout out to LlamaStar Cremozza, for seeing an opportunity and seizing it.


  1. It is nice to see a productive association born from a gank. Myself, expect for a couple of bad apples, have found that most of the people that i gank (or ganked me) are quite nice to chat. I think it is something particular for Anoikis.

  2. Slightly similar story, kinda, bare in mind newish player here, but in my npc corp there was boasts of afk mining, so I picked one of the guys at random, ran locator and went on a mission to get a catalyst and attempt gank him, I failed and concord popped me before I killed him =( naturally jokes at my expense followed in npc chat, but it was friendly banter, and he offered me 1v1 T2 frig fight, (which would be my 1st T2 frig fight) so I accepted, waited out timers and went to re-ship, oddly enough I won, then he offered another 1v1 vs a "surprise" ship, at this point I was happy enough with my earlier win and thought why the hell not, I would have been just as happy for him to win 2nd fight for being a nice chap and good sport, anyways, he pulls out a confessor, and somehow I win that fight too with about 5 structure left, my 1st and only T3D kill, now i'm wondering if my comments even relevant or if I drunk too many beers already, but I guess, the moral of the story is, a ganking (failed or not) can lead too more content, yeaah!

    Also blog bm'd for ninja salvaging and mission baiting, something I am deffo 100% going to try, this weekend!