Monday, June 8, 2015

Bogeyman in the closet

In my last post I have talked about, how I've scored 2 kills by visiting my first wormhole connection of the day. I didn't expect much to happen anymore. Sacrifice to Bob was given and element of surprise was gone. But before packing and calling it a day, I visit another connection. Can't leave unaccounted signatures. It's against wormholer's unwritten code. I jump in to another class 2 system. D-scan reveals Gila and Drake. In space. In an anomaly. Praise the lord, I mean Bob. I check it out and sure enough, Gila and Drake just starting fresh.

What is it with today? 2 wormhole trips and 2 potential hits? I guess everyone is in the farming mood. And it so happens, I am in the ganking mood. Not giving a rest for my Domi fleet, I position them on the wormhole once again. Proteus in position and ready to grab the preys. Or should I say prey. There is more than 20km distance between ships. Within point range, but right on the edge. I might only get away with one kill this time. Of course I aim for Gila.

Second encounter

I'm ready for my sneak attack. I warp to 0, decloak and get my tackle mods hot. Sensor delay finishes and I lock them in seconds.

Sorry, wrong picture.

Got them both. It takes forever for my Domi fleet to land, but here they come. Being greedy I set one of  them after Drake and remaining 2 after Gila. This should be over soon. Well, not quite. Both ships have been creating distance between them. I got Gila to 30% shields, but not only he was not going down, his shields were going up. What the hell is going on here? Then I realize one Domi does not have any drones left and another is with only 2 Ogres left. Those bastards are shooting back! On top of that, Gila was out of range of my Proteus point and only thing that was keeping him on grid was an extra point of my Domi, which was 20km off, almost the edge of t2 point. God damn it. Fuck the Drake. I overheat point, turn on propulsion mods and go straight for Gila. I keep Drake tackled with Proteus. He won't be receiving any reps, but he can tank like man. He will be alright.

I continue throwing Ogres at Gila and even some sentries. I will need to do a trip to highsec anyways, so there's no holding back. Thankfully, once I got my shit in order and started to properly micromanage my fleet, Gila  was done for.

A 500mil kill. Look at those shield mods. No wonder my heavy neuts did jack shit to him. Who on earth puts so much tank for c2 anomalies? And that cloak for extra protection did not do much good either. Pilot clearly did not want to accept the fact that he might lose his ship when entering w-space and went for maximum survival. I think there was some room for a warp core stabilizer or two.

With Gila out of the way, it was Drake's turn. He did not put so much of a fight as his friend and went down quickly.

A successful content delivered. If you look closely, you will notice that it's not the first time I have encountered these guys. I had engagement with their corp a few days ago, where I scored a Rattlesnake and a Drake kill, Drake being the same person. Small world, isn't? I wonder if they will be checking under their bed for the next few days.


  1. Can you throw me some of whatever you are drinking? You're on an awesome run, nice kills once again. I forsee you being watchlisted by a certain Drake pilot :)

  2. all you need is patience :)