Monday, June 1, 2015

Cloaky strikes again

I continue with my stalking. Always changing systems, always looking for new targets. Today it looks there is some activity. I see a scout warping in and out.

I do a background check of the corp. Looks fairly active bunch of guys, killing various farmers in various wormholes. I have to be careful, but there isn't really much around to kill. I have scouted surrounding systems and it seems to be rather quiet. I continue to afk for an hour and do an update sweep afterwards. One of connecting c4s immediately piques my interest.

I see 2 Tengus on scan doing a site. I quickly resolve the anomaly and warp to take a look.

Here they are, both minding their own business, clearing a c4 site. I must say I am a bit surprised. Last time I saw a Tengu doing a c4 site it was quite shiny, fitted with 100mn ab. These just move with their natural speed. Upon closer look I see they have remote shield transfers. Still feels strange that they can tank site without an afterburner. But that does not really matter, nothing a heavy neutralizer can't fix. I prepare my Domi fleet into position and get as close as I can with my Proteus.

Unfortunately, I land almost 30k off. Tengus do not seem to be aligned to anything, but they are burning to opposite direction than I am. And my speed is 180, while theirs - 200. That means, slowly, but surely, they are gaining their distance. I could try to play with the warp in and get a better position, but decide not to waste much time and go for it. One of them is still in my point range and if they are slow, I still might get both of them. I uncloak, overheat everything and go at full speed. In seconds first Tengu is pointed and webbed, but his friend manages to warp out before I get into scram range.

Oh well, one Tengu, better than no Tengu. My Domi fleet lands and I unleash the pain. Suddenly I see pilot eject and warp away, leaving t3 cruiser unpiloted. I guess he knew his impending doom and opted to save pod before any interdictor showed up, saving himself from skill point loss in the process.

Too bad I do not have a pilot that can fly it. Even if I did, not sure I would go through the trouble to camp site until I swapped ships. So even if it is tempting to steal it, I decide to kill it.

It felt really underwhelming when checking the killmail. A poor man's Tengu, with only t2 modules at best. I really expected something more from a class 4 gank. But I guess, if they do a job, why not. Also, a kill is a kill and I consider gank a success.

The bigger fish

Interestingly, I decide to check on my active neighbors, that I've seen their scouts and some ships fly around. How did they do?

Well, god damn it. I knew that system quite well. I had my eyes on it, but when I poked it, there was nothing in it. They scored a great catch. 1.5 bil Navy Dominix, with pulse lasers...  It shows again how it is important to be at the right place at the right time. I really would love to utilize 3 scouts to watch connecting systems, but I'm afraid my computer can't handle 7 windowed EVE clients. I wonder how many kills I miss out? Perhaps it's better I do not know.

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