Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The most passive guy in wormhole

Snap decisions. They are a big part of w-space life. Due to the nature of wormholes, sometimes you have to act fast. And this I have already mentioned a couple of times before. I was orbiting an exit, when I hear a jump. I put my focus on the wormhole and wait for ship to appear. And ship did indeed appear, but not the way you would expect. An Iteron Mark V just warps in. I am pretty sure I can't hear jumps from across the system so there must be someone else. I wait a little longer and Stratios moves and cloaks up. Must be a friend.

For some reason, transport ship is not jumping. Upon closer look I see he is slowly moving towards the wormhole. Well I'll be dammed, he warped to range. My Proteus has 0 dps if we don't count small smartbombs, so I will need to warp in my slow fat ass Domi. I am also 20k off the wormhole itself. Noone hauls expensive shit in an Iteron. Should I try to get him? What the heck. I decloak, overheat my mwd and burn at full speed. Itty jumps and I am still 10k off. Finally I'm in jumprange and go in. There he is, in the process of warping off. I shed my session cloak and quickly lock him up and get a positive point. His speed is dropping, so I guess he doesn't have any wcs fitted.

The Iteron pilot announces good fight in local which indicates he had given up and is ready for his doom. Small smartbombs doesn't seem to be very efficient at killing ships, even industrials, so I warp in my Dominix to finish the job quickly.

A whopping 9.5 million kill. I check jettisoned loot and see bunch of gas. EVE client showed 40mil, but after our short discussion, pilot mentioned it was 150mil worth of gas. I don't know if he tried to reward me for catching him, but I blew the container up along with his wreck. I already struggle storing mods I collect from wrecks of my preys. There's no way I can manage to ship all that gas. And I'm not in the mood either. I would rather have had a 150mil killmail, so thanks a lot.

Disregard for life

You know, sometimes when you catch someone with intentions to kill, that someone will do everything they can to escape, or at the very least will try to minimize losses, like saving the pod. Of course there are always exceptions, but I'm talking about your casual situation when you catch a pve boat or even pvper that gets into an ambush or disadvantage. Natural instinct is to gtfo. That feel of safety is very strong. Some have warp core stabilizers, some have cloaks, some have jamming drones, others - all combined. And there are people that don't give a shit. Meet Senfora Anophis.

You would think he is another soon-to-be gank victim. And normally you would be right. I did not find him in an anomaly at first. He was in space and so I used my combat probes to get his position. It turned out he was just about to warp to the site and thus I ended up in anomaly anyway. So combat probes out for a good amount of time, surely the story is over and the guy will go back to wherever he came from. Nope, he just continues shooting sleepers, without a care in the world.

Before proceeding further, I would like to point out, that before finding Myrmidon, I've seen a covert ops and an interceptor on d-scan, with a very familiar tag, that I'm sure, is of one of major corporations in w-space. It smelled fishy. Plus, my Domi fleet was logged out and several jumps out. It was also late. All in all, I just did not feel going through the effort for just a Myrmidon gank. I decided to fuck around and contacted the pilot.

I show him the screenshot of me watching him. If the guy was not watching d-scan, now would be about right time to do a panic warp.

I assume he saw the same Helios I did. To prove that I'm not, I decloak my Proteus, at the safe distance, of course. Senfora was not impressed. System full of neutral ships flying around was of no concern to him.

Since he already farmed enough to replace his ship, he did not feel a need for it anymore. Forget the fact that if he would keep his ship intact, he would need to farm less in the future. It sounds awfully lot like "I mined, so it's free", a total disregard of his own time.

Seeing as I do not go for his Myrmidon, he kindly offers an mtu sacrifice, that is somewhere in space. Something more on par with my skills.

We talk a bit more. Seeing as I am considered as no threat at all makes me think if I should go for it just because. But if I didn't know any better, I would say it smelled a lot like bait. Which would be strange, as it was first time I jumped to that system. Furthermore, his killboard doesn't have any kills and only random Myrmidon and Drake losses. Losses with that attitude? Who would have thought. I checked his killboard some days later. To my surprise, I did not see any losses after our encounter. I guess I was not the only one not interested enough in a Myrmidon gank.


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