Friday, June 26, 2015

Creating content for miners in wormhole

It's been stressful trip. Rolling myself out is never a good thing. I think I learn from my mistakes, not to jump through EOL wormholes, but once it becomes a distant memory, you always decide to take those chances. Maybe, just maybe, there is purple fit Paladin running sites on the other side. Leaving past behind, lets look at the future. It looks like I found a new home. Few anomalies present, several people on-line and me, watching their tower from a safe distance.

Looks like these guys like to mine. I'm happy to see Loki. Perhaps they just finished with their mining op and will go clear those anomalies? Doesn't look like it. Besides miners sitting at the tower, I see a procurer somewhere on scan. Quick check shows he is happily mining in a site. I stalk some more, but nothing happens. Guys are into mining today and that's about it. How disappointing. Since this is only my first day, I decide to give them some time. Hope they will mine to their hearts content.

Next day, I log in full of hope to see some sleeper violence. System is clearly active and their prime time is matching mine. Wonder what is up on the schedule tonight.

Of course, how could they leave that large deposit of ore alone? Mining op is in full gear. I watch them and think. Procurers and Retriever are not exactly attractive targets, but those Mackinaws are a different story. They go for around 200mil in Jita and there are two on grid. If I manage to get them both, it could net me over 400mil killmail. That is actually not too bad. In fact, I get quite excited when do the math. A t2 mining barge matches a t1 battleship in cost. I have ganked for less.

I decloak and quickly tackle both miners. I'm in luck. They both were within short distance. I have one scrammed and other pointed.

I send only one Dominix this time. No need for full fleet. Besides, perhaps they will want to escalate. I guess mining is not most exciting activity. It takes them awhile to realize there is another ship close and it doesn't look like a mining barge. Everyone warps, but two expensive barges. They are exactly where I want them.

Domi is on grid and gets to work. It takes but a few seconds and both barges are converted to wrecks. As expected, my ambush caused 400mil damage in total.

A clean and fast job. As usual, I get rid of all the evidence and I warp out back to safe spot. I'm pretty sure mining op is over for today, but I'm not quite done yet. I still think there is more potential in this particular wormhole.

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