Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Late night kill

Familiar faces

I start my day as usual - by checking my home and surrounding systems for activity. D-scan and cloak are my best friends. If someone wonders how does my day look like when I hunt. It goes more or less like this:

D-scan can tell a lot of stories.

But as much as I like watching stories of others, I prefer to create my own. My neighbors, I'm guessing Russians, are very active. I already saw them score 2 kills. They are very good at hunting frigates. Scouts are everywhere and various ships are flying around.

Alliance looks very familiar. It's the the same one that scored Domi kill I wrote about in my previous post. Different corp this time though. I am not sure how much they are connected, but it is an interesting coincidence.  I decide to take it slow. I try not to jump around that much and stay passive. And by passive I mean go watch 12 monkeys TV series while occasionally checking EVE, mostly when when I hear jump sound. I hope that I will time it when they decide to roll wormhole and bring something juicy, like Orca.

Time passes by and jumps don't stop.

After awhile I start not to pay that much of attention and focus on TV. When done, I try to think of a plan if I can somehow kill something. It would be easy kill if I managed to get some of them polarized, but I don't really see an opportunity to present itself. I could try baiting and let them go for me, pretending to be scanning, but that could backfire. Any self respecting corp will do background checks and I could might as well be digging my own grave. If they manage to get cloaky frigates, they for sure will manage to catch my Proteus.

Taking what I can get

It so happened, that I've spotted a Drake warp to a c2 wormhole. And I haven't seen him go back. Watch list shows most of them are offline, which is expected. It is rather late and if they are from Russia, it will be bedtime. My gut says that Drake went for a farming trip. I go check it out.

I was right. I see Drake on scan intermediately after jumping. I move and cloak up, but get spotted as Drake warps back to wormhole, in sort of panicky mood. I decide to take a shot. Even chances are slim, since he can just go back and I will be polarized, there's nothing to lose. Tomorrow connection will be gone anyway. Drake jumps and I follow.

I decloak and burn back to "gate". Plan is to tackle and try to bump. Drake pilot is holding cloak. Feels awfully lot like he's buying time, though I am not too worried. I have checked their home system and it was empty, so I don't expect a fleet. Not that would threaten my 3 Navy Dominixes at least.

Session time finally ends and I tackle Drake in a second. My Domi fleet is in warp and I desperately try to perform a bump. I was not paying that much attention, but it did not feel that Drake would be trying to go burn back in a hurry. And it soon became clear why. Once my Dominixes were landing so was a Sleipnir, which I'm pretty sure was a friend. However, seeing that they are outnumbered, he doesn't stick around and jumps through as soon as he lands, leaving the Drake alone, which gets killed in short order.

A fast and clean kill. I managed to lock the pod, but DPSless Proteus can't kill it and he jumps through the wormhole. The fact that he bailed by jumping out, suggests I was very close of losing him. Perhaps a second too late and he would have escaped. 

Bonus content

I did not want to call it a night just yet. That Sleipnir looked very attractive. I jump to their wormhole, while watch d-scan with my Domi fleet at the safe. I was hoping Sleipnir would go back, if not now, at least in a short while. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get the name, so I have no idea who it was or if the pilot was even on-line anymore. After waiting for half an hour I decide to give up and do one final sweep before calling it a day. I jump to a class 3 wormhole that is next door to my staging system and get very surprised.

D-scan shows me a Rattlesnake and a Drake doing a site, while Buzzard, which I assume is friendly, scan around.  I quickly resolve their site and get Domi fleet into position.

I have to act fast. It would really suck if their scout "innocently" jumped to my camped c4 and saw 3 Dominixes chilling out. I bounce from a celestial, make a bookmark and grab them both. Domi fleet warps in and starts working on the Rattlesnake. He is going down, but Drake is on the edge of my point.

Finally Rattle goes down and I burn towards the Drake. Scrammed, webbed and neuted, he doesn't last long.

A billion ISK Rattlesnake kill with a 150mil Drake will make me sleep soundly. Meanwhile, loot fairy showed me the middle finger. No faction module dropped, including neither of 2 faction drone damage amplifiers in the cargo hold. Also, a moment of silence for lost Geckos.

When returning to my staging system, I see a Sleipnir on scan. I guess he made it back home. Good for him.


  1. Very nice mate, that rattlesnake kill is a peach :)

  2. enjoyavle as always. you made some good shoots. amazing KB.