Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Doing sites behind enemy lines

Universe is quite small. Or at least it seems so when you keep appearing in the regions you used to live. I end up this time in Derelik, a jump away from HQ of my ex low-sec corp - Volatile Instability. A great bunch of guys. I really enjoyed flying with them. Too bad the area they live can be very quiet. To quiet for my taste.

I try to say hi, but don't get any response. Since I'm here, I decide to do some scanning. It seems the guys have been sloppy. There's 6/10 DED site right in the middle of the system. I think for a few minutes if I'm bold enough to snatch this plex in front of a pirate corp. I come to conclusion that yes, I am. I go to station and swap my cloaks for extra heavy neuts. There is no real danger of getting my ass dropped in a deadspace. Plus, unless the fleet comes for me without any logi ships, 3 pvp Navy Dominixes is not something to be trifled with. Most dangerous time is very beginning - after first acceleration gate. Once I'm one room ahead, my gtfo possibility raises exponentially. I get to work.

I keep checking that d-scan like a maniac. Doing a site in potentially dangerous environment can give you a good rush. I also know there is Pandemic Legion scout flying around, looking for easy targets for it's black ops fleet. Not a suspicious fella at all, in a 3 man corp.

While I'm safe from hot drops, it would not help me if I got tackled at the start and suddenly a large fleet jumped in. But I relax more once I enter second room. When starting the 3rd, I actually want them to come for me.  I'm more than ready to give some "what for" to some tackle cloaky Lokis. And it looks I might get my wish.

I see combat probes on scan. Short range check gives me no doubt that I am being scanned. I'm in the last room. That bloody Overseer tanks really well. I can't break him with my sentry guns, so I start throwing Ogres on it, that of course get targeted and killed, since I can't get any aggro without weapons.

My scanning Proteus is sitting on the entrance and I see Loki decloak and go in. This is it, he is coming for me. I am a bit worried, because battleship is not exactly the fastest ship to lock a t3. It would really suck if he snatched the loot. I do my best to finish the job and burn to the wreck asap, while tanking enormous incoming damage. Even with reps, it is omni tank, so I am barely evening it out.

I keep waiting for that Loki to come. I see him on scan, but then he disappears. Did he change his mind? Even if he is full slave-fit with faction stuff, I should be able to break him, before his gank squad burns through 4 acceleration gates, 40-60km average distance between each. I wait some more, but he doesn't come. Then I see legion come to the site. Fuck it, it is getting too late. I go back to station with shitty loot.

A whopping 200 mil. A Phantasm blueprint that is just over 130mil worth. A useless faction gun that nobody uses and a box. Doing these sites really feels like a waste of time. Then again, I don't really do them for isk, more for opportunity to gank the ganker, or even for fun, if you can believe it.

I get back to station, get my trusty cloaking device and go back to my wormhole. I jump and align/warp my Domis one by one. Just in case someone decloaks to tackle me, I can cloak up and do mwd trick any time.  Once the I'm down to last ship, I suddenly see Loki decloak and tackle me on the gate. I jump, only to find Legion on the other side. I align, cloak and pulse my mwd. Soon I'm in warp like there was nothing there. If there's one thing I learned during my low-sec days, is that traveling through dangerous areas without cloak and microwarpdrive is a suicide, especially in a fat and shiny ship like Dominix Navy Issue.

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