Saturday, June 6, 2015

Good timing is everything

Lucky coincidence

Today looks promising. I scan my first connecting wormhole and spot a Drake and an Omen on scan.

It doesn't take long and I find Drake in an anomaly, killing sleepers.

But no Omen in sight. I try to play with d-scan, but I can't seem to spot him in any another site. He is somewhere close by, but I just can't figure out where. It could be he is in some other signature and since I don't have this system scanned out, I won't be able to do anything. Regardless, that Drake is within hands reach and I initiate my standard gank procedures - make distance bookmark and pre-warp Domis.

This is it. I decloak, lock the Drake and initiate warp with my Domi fleet. But just as I have Drake tackled something interesting happens. Out of nowhere a Myrmidon lands. It couldn't be reinforcements. It is just seconds after I revealed myself, so more likely than anything, it is a coincidence. Lucky coincidence for me and unlucky for Myrmidon pilot as now I have them both tackled.

While I wait for my fleet to land, I see distance between Drake and Myrmidon increasing. I have scram and web on one and only point on the other. I quickly refocus my webifier to Myrmidon. I just need to hold them in place for a little longer. Finally my Domi fleet lands and now I have secondary tackles on both of them. I unleash a swarm of drones.

Just look at them go. as if they could smell the blood and couldn't wait to tear that flesh apart. I gotta say, those new icons look quite nice. Soon Myrmidon melts under heavy dps.

But not soon enough. While my swarm of drones was chasing him, Drake pilot had its own problems. Despite being tackled and kept in place, he couldn't handle incoming sleeper dps and exploded before I could switch focus to him.

I did exactly 0 damage to him. I must admit it was rather hilarious. I am so used to sleeper aggro, that I take it as a natural thing and always include in my gank estimations. Almost every gank, as soon as I decloak, I have every single sleeper switch target to me, as if they are upset for interfering in the process of them being farmed. This aggro switch never really made much sense to me. I would understand if I was spewing ammo at them, but when I try to "save" them, they should be helping me. Just like it was now.


  1. seems like you are a lucky hunter. :)
    your fame reaches so far, the victims come to you to melt under your drones and guns.
    like it is a batch to showoff with. hehe


    1. Fame is very bad for me. Thankfully im far from it :)