Thursday, June 4, 2015

Being too patient

I start off a day by trolling null-sec residents.

Normally one does not even need combat probes for farmers to dock, but I launched them as soon as I came to the system for maximum effect. Guess someone was in a rush. Too bad fighters take so much space, otherwise would have been a good catch. I also couldn't resist not to smalk talk in local.

Smalk talk will never give any advantages in my line of work, but being 5 years in EVE, I believe I crossed the threshold where you are advised to always keep your mouth shut.

Missed opportunity

I jump to a connecting c3 system and see a Tengu on scan.

He is doing a site. I quickly find an anomaly he is in and get ready to create position bookmark. Unfortunately as soon as I land, I see him warp off. I'm confident I've been spotted. Probably. It is a bit puzzling why he warped off only after short while. Usually, once I'm spotted they warp out the same second.

Anomaly looks lonely, with only 1 sleeper left. Oh dear, Tengu, please come and finish what you have started. Tengu warps to direction of a signature and vanishes. After waiting some minutes, I decide the jig was up and started scanning. I've resolved all the signatures and went to do what I do best: go semi afk. Soon I hear an activity. A Helios jumps in and warps to a Relic site. Pilot is from the same corp as the Tengu. Perhaps it's some sort of test, to see if I am still around? Do they expect me to go for him and reveal my intentions? I keep asking these questions while watching Helios hack all the cans.

Even though tempted, I decide not to. It's not 100% I will manage to lock him in time. Besides, pod will most likely escape and Helios might be cheap fit. If I got him, I could most certainly kiss any activity in this system goodbye. I wait.

After almost an hour of waiting, my watch list reports that Tengu pilot has logged in. Soon wormhole flashes and I see a Drake warp to the site, but different one this time.

He clears first wave or two and appears to be struggling with the final spawn.

He keeps warping back and forth. From the site to the wormhole and vice versa. Each time he warps to his home, I hope he will finally swap for a Tengu.  It has more firepower and more tank. He was doing sites so well in the first place. It's been over 2 hours since I arrived. Their Helios was not attacked and Drake could have been caught by me at least 3 times now. Wormhole is most certainly empty and there's no one watching.

It was getting late and I have decided that next time this guy warps back to the site I will grab his ass. I watch him recharge his shields at the wormhole when he suddenly jumps in. Oh my. He'd better be switching to that damn Tengu I've been waiting for. Cadmus Fokz has different ideas. He calls it a day and logs off, leaving site half finished. To be honest, I feel a bit puzzled. I can't help but feel I should have taken that Drake when had the chance. Things clear up in a little bit when I spot an Astero on scan. Figures. Wormhole had 3 active connections and it takes only one ship to appear on scan for even a brief moment, for the hunt to be over. I pack my stuff and go home.

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