Friday, June 12, 2015

Bob rewards persistent

Every ship is equal

Sometimes w-space are surprisingly active. It can also surprise you how dead it can be. I'm almost convinced that you don't really need to look for targets, if you are stalking the right wormhole. That doesn't mean you don't need to check surrounding systems. I always fly around my neighboring systems, to know who is living next door. I also do routine follow up checks once in awhile. One time they are empty, another time they can be springing with life. On one such routine trip, I see an Imicus on scan, hacking cans in the site I have already scanned. No ship left behind is my credo. I give him a greet.

Hi Mr. Imicus. Have you hacked a lot of sites already? Scrammed, pointed and webbed, he dies a slow, painful death from my small smartbombs.

A warp core stabilizer seems to be the current meta of explorers. Unless there are 4 of them fitted, they won't do any good.

This time, my schedule is quite free. Instead of sitting and waiting for targets, I decide to search for them. I see interesting things on my travels. 

I wonder what happened there? There are no records of any deaths in the killboard. My theory: 2 Dominixes tried to do a site and died horribly. As it was class 5, I think it is quite likely. Signature was dead, so I couldn't check who were the "lucky" ones.

New home

I have been looking for a new home. Desperately.

That is a lot of signatures to cover for one guy. Nothing caught my eye. Until I found a c4 and saw below:

I have a good feeling about this. Only one anomaly in the system and only few signatures indicate that owners keep place tidy. I keep watching them, but no activity happens. One guy swaps between ships and Rattlesnake logs out. What a bummer. I park my Proteus and start the waiting game.

After few hours I see a pilot swap for a probe. He does a sweep on the system and goes back to hanger and swaps back to Maelstrom. He suddenly starts moving, or should I say, warping.

Well what do you know, he warps to only anomaly in the system. I follow and end up coming before him. I make a position bookmark and wait for the right moment. And I don't need to wait long. He warps to 0 and there's only one sleeper present. It's good time as any. I go for the kill.

Site is quite far from the safespot where my Domis are at. It takes a moment for Maelstrom pilot to realize that he is being tackled and once my fleet lands, he is quickly broken.

A nice battleship kill. Nothing too fancy, but I will take it any day. I am again proven that being patient and persistent pays off. Especially in unknown space. Bob be praised.

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