Saturday, May 30, 2015

Staying stealthy

I continue my pilgrimage. I camp random wormholes afk cloaked and wait for an opportunity to present itself. When things are quiet and I have free time, I do some scanning. I look around the systems to see what's up. This time I end up in low-sec. I resolve sigs and find a 6/10 DED site. I haven't run a site in a while. It's a low-sec with high-sec next door. Perhaps someone will be interested to gank me. I would love that, so I run the site.

It's also a good thing to relax. Shoot some red crosses and get potentially paid.

Paid, right. As if RNG Jesus would approve me doing pve. I return in my pathetic drop and go to back w-space.

Observing the habitat

I have missed a couple of targets during last few days. Mostly not reacting fast enough to snab a target that is rolling the wormhole. You always have to make a decision in a split second. Sometimes you think you missed the opportunity, but then it turns out you missed out your death.

I was watching one exit when I started hearing a lot of activity. At first a couple of ships jump in. Not a problem for me, but too small fry for me to risk it.

Then suddenly more ships come.

Then you decide to see what is going on. Sometimes I get tempted to go in with my Domi fleet against smaller ships, but managing it solo, it may not go so well as I expect. Odds can very easily turn against me. Especially against something as Brave, that can swarm you with infinite numbers. For some time things quiet down. Then interesting ships start to appear.

A Kronos. That is the ship I would go for very happily, but with so much activity going on I decide not to. Guess if it was the right call.

I keep on waiting. An hour passes and I hear another jump. This time a battleship jumps in. I ponder if I should go for it. Each second counts and each second he is closer to the wormhole. It is on half mass so it is clear they are trying to close it. I check dscan and I see a lot of ships. Looks like there's a gank fleet trying to go after that Kronos and co. In a moment they land on the wormhole.

Phew. That was close. I can still feel my heart racing. I could have ended up in the middle of it. With 3 guardians on grid I would not have been able to kill anything. The fleet hangs on for awhile and jump after. I guess they were quite surprised as wormhole collapsed after 2 Guardians went in. I would lie if I said it was not hilarious, watching them just stand there in an empty space.

I actually thought it could be my chance. Imagine a Proteus and 3 Dominixes appear out of nowhere and start attacking. That really would have been something. Unfortunately, my Dominixes were far away in a safespot and there were still quite few ships left. I'm not sure if I could take that fleet withour prearranging spider tank. Not with that Guardian present. If only few more ships had managed to jump, the odds would have been great.  But it is how it is. The gang realized the fight was over and warped back home. I realized I knew one of the guys. He was quite surprised to know I have been watching the whole thing from the start. Aren't wormholes amazing?


  1. they are...

    (still trying to set a foot on piracy :))

  2. Amen to that brother.

    It is amazing what you can see when the locals don't know you are there.