Friday, May 1, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 2 - Empty threats

Reason I love ninja salvaging is because every encounter can be a different story. While after awhile you start to see patterns and some situations may feel similar, most of them are still unique. This time post will be about carebears and their threats.

Threatening fist

While doing my salvaging operations I meet Ravensten and his Kronos. As an old ninja salvager, I feel that these days carebears do not appreciate their ships that much and therefore are likely to take potshots while flying something shiny. Some carebears choose harsh language and threats as a weapon of choice for their pvp. Ravensten was one of them. It all started when I got a convo request.

Ravensten > sad dude

He wanted to tell me on how pathetic I look salvaging and looting other peoples missions.

Ravensten > please leave you as a wreck ?
Zosius > lol
Zosius > so scared
Ravensten > haha
Zosius > like you can hit me with your big ship

This time I choose arrogance as my socializing style. Since he feels so superior in his Kronos, perhaps I can trigger a response.

Ravensten > np gimme 2 mins to log my alt ;)
Zosius > just leave wrecks to me
Zosius > and you are free to go
Zosius > how about you pay me 50mil
Zosius > and we call it a day
Ravensten > I would rather wait for my incomming corp mates

Looks like Ravensten feels his Kronos might not be enough to kill my Enyo. He opted for a backup from his corpmates and logged in his alt for that extra firepower. He needs all the help he can get before engaging.

Zosius > I will just warp out and come back when they are gone
Zosius > great for waisting their time
Ravensten > cool then they only need stay till I finished lol
Zosius > Im in no rush
Zosius > I know those wrecks will be mine in the end
Ravensten > cool
Ravensten > I would pop em before you would get them lol
Zosius > all i see is talk
Zosius > and your precious mission is not being done

As we talk, time passes by and d-scan looks clear. I add his corp as red and watch local if there are any people coming. I also do a check on his corp background.

Doesn't look too impressive. Records show 1 kill and 36 losses since 2011. In any case, Kronos is a ship worth putting effort hunting. I decide not to risk it and get my 2 logi pilots ready on standby and aligned. Last thing I would want is random Vexors warping in and driving my Enyo out after getting aggro. I am prepared and continue to taunt him.

Zosius > Kronos without drones, so funny
Ravensten > dont give a fuck about the mission just killin time lol
Ravensten > who doesnt have drone ?
Zosius > that's all you can kill
Zosius > you dont have
Zosius > with gallente
Zosius > and no drones

Seeing as he knows he probably will not hit me with his guns, I try to poke him from another direction and make him show his drones. A light set of drones are killing frigates just fine. Perhaps he will go for it?

Ravensten > you mean those drones ?
Zosius > crap
Zosius > let me just salvage man
Ravensten > Im not some nab you know lol
Zosius > i have no idea
Zosius > drones usually hurt
Ravensten > 10 do lol

While he was busy showing off his drones I noticed an extra Kronos on scan. There are no corpmates in local, but make no mistake, there is an extra ship warping in. This is it. I see Kronos land on grid.

What will he do? Will he unleash his drones on me and shoot with his far-away Kronos? You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

Ravensten > and from 70km those guns can hit you
Zosius > who knows
Zosius > whats up
Zosius > my 50mil is still valid
Zosius > to leave you alone
Ravensten > ok bored now
Zosius > nice show
Zosius > now you can go home

I try to taunt some more. He got 2 Kronos on grid and there's only my Enyo. For sure he should be brave enough and show me what for? Instead, he just seem to be shooting his drones. Is he trying to practice his small target shooting with large guns?

Zosius > shooting your drones?
Zosius > practicing your aim?
Zosius > you really are hopless lol
Zosius > 2 marauders and cant do anything
Zosius > i guess i will have to stick till the end
Ravensten > hope you enjoyed wasting your time cya around
Zosius > laters

In the end, neither of his corpies arrived and neither any of his Kronos took a shot at me. Perhaps he realized his 2 marauders would not be a match for my Enyo and decided to leave his mission. Of course declaring victory for wasting my time. It's interesting perception. My goal is to mess around and anything done to distract missioner from his mission is already a victory. But I don't blame Revensten. Probably me coming to his mission was most exciting experience since his Ishkur loss back in 2011.


  1. hey Zosius.

    as always is fun and inspiring to read your stories.
    keep doing this. and keep bringing content to those who havent seen a lot of eve yet.


    Sulister Tephon

  2. I am currently reading back every blog post of yours. Fun.