Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 2 - When anger clouds judgement

Mistakes were made

Let's start with a pop quiz question. See below pictures and try to make your best guess what has happened. Shall we?

We have Dominix tackled:

We have modules almost burnt out:

If you answered that this Dominix pilot decided to take a pot shot when I was far away, you might be on your way of better understanding a carebear psychology. When I was salvaging and looting, Domi was targeting me, but didn't feel like shooting me just yet. To help him decide better I moved to far out wrecks to do my salvaging. When he saw that I will not die as fast as npc frigates, he was too slow to warp out and resulted in getting caught. What do you think he would have to say for himself?

Sorin Istrate > hi
Zosius > Please transfer 200mil to my wallet
Sorin Istrate > what for... I attacked you by mistake
Sorin Istrate > i stoped

Ah, my bad good sir. I was not aware that your guns malfunctioned and shot me. Thank goodness that they stopped. What a coincidence that it was exactly the same time when I went under your guns and had you tackled.

Sorin Istrate > hi
Zosius > Please transfer 200mil to my wallet
Sorin Istrate > what for... I attacked you by mistake
Sorin Istrate > i stoped
Zosius > aha
Zosius > i know this
Zosius > mistakes are costly
Zosius > so that will be 200million
Zosius > how about it
Zosius > see my logi is repairing me
Zosius > hello!
Zosius > you there my friend?
Zosius > take care man
Zosius > it was correct all you did
Zosius > but should have aligned out to station
Zosius > when you saw me approach
Sorin Istrate > I was in an agent mission
Zosius > dont let this experience discourage you
Sorin Istrate > I never expected wrong company
Zosius > hehe
Zosius > eve is full of opportunities
Zosius > turst me

Isn't EVE amazing? You do your stuff, in your own little world, and suddenly someone uninvited comes and starts messing with your world?  I hope losing that Dominix was as exciting as it was for me killing it.

Anger management

Today's highlight is a story about Kronos. We were off a good start. I came to his mission and started shooting his mtu and salvage his wrecks. He, in turn, yellowboxed me.

Carebear stare always excites me. More often than not they choose to shoot me. It's like showing appreciation to the work we do. And we only want to do our job more diligently when this happens. He didn't shoot right away. Being a ninja means having a lot of patience. It passed good 10 minutes until he decided he had enough of me and unleashed his drones on me.

Now, breaking a Marauder with an assault frigate is no easy task. I usually opt for more risky option and try to swap for a bigger ship while carebear is in bastion mode. Thankfully this was not the case. Once my logi came on grid and started repping, Kronos went for him. Now, with two ships having engagement rights, things were about to become much more easy. I on purpose left another Orca and Augoror off grid. It was time to bring whole armada.

Now we are talking. Brutix was doing the job as expected. It was time for a conversation.

Zosius > 800mil ransom please

That's probably shortest conversation I've had so far. His tank was dropping, surely he should be interested in what I have to say? Perhaps offer him a way out? Dark Topaz liked to speak with actions and not words. So was he angry? Was he upset? How would he show his emotions? You would be surprised.

He spoke with his blasters and antimatter. He showed clearly of what he thinks about me and my Orca. Message received loud and clear. Too bad it was short lived. A 0.9 system is not a good system for suicide ganking and CONCORD came for intervention.

A poor man's Kronos went up in smoke. All t2 fit apart from dead space repair mode really felt this ship was mistreated. I would not even be surprised if it suddenly took over control and begged to be put out of his misery while guns blazing at my Orca.

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