Monday, May 4, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 2 - A big score

Times are getting better, life quality is improving. System is full of various shiny ships, carebears are busy running missions. Compared to early days of my ninja salvaging career, a standard battleship is not anymore a status quo. You can see a lot of faction navy, pirate battleships. Marauders are also on the rise in popularity. Looks like everyone has isk to spare. That's good.

Being a smart ass

In EVE, people get themselves into trouble in many ways. Some smalk talk in local when they should be quiet and get hunted and killed because of that. Some, trying to take risky pot shots by either playing docking games, warping to range or by other means. One such smart ass was Kronos that I have visited in his mission. Being equipped with micro jump drive, he jumped 100km off and started shooting my Enyo. Being afterburner fit, to burn such distance is a lot of time. Especially to get into scram range. So after trying to get to him I was forced off the grid as you can't sig tank very well from that range.

I went back to station and swapped my afterburner to microwarpdrive and changed webifier to long point. I am not sure if I will manage to evade incoming damage when trying to get into range, but if I won't try, I won't know. I get back and still see him on scan. Once I get through acceleration gate, I land not too far off Kronos. I guess he couldn't reach some of npc and went back to original spot. I scrammed him.

It started with the usual. He goes to bastion mode while I kill his drones and start slowly working on his defenses.

Field is a mess. NPC switching aggro, me being webbed and constantly trying to spam scram to see when bastion mode is finished. I keep reps ongoing and wait for my Orca to arrive. Once it's here I burn with best speed to swap a new ship.

Even bloody Orca is taking damage. I hope I won't mess it up. Once it finally gets in range I swap for Brutix. Now, you might remember that I am not most organized person in the world. And since I started ninja, I did not check what kind of Brutix is in the hanger. Obviously it would be gank pvp fit. Right? Wrong. I swap ship and notice something strange. There are no bloody modules. Turns out, I had travel fit brutix in my Orca's hanger. For some reason. I quickly swap back to my Enyo and force another bastion cycle on him. Thank god he did not warp out. Talk about dumb luck. Once my timer was up, I opted for Vexor, that fortunately was pvp fit and had full rack of medium neuts in highslots. How convenient.

I doubt his bastion mode will do much good now. While doom is inevetable, I try to ransom.

Zosius > 700mil ?
Ronk Delta > yes
Zosius > ok
Zosius > waiting for my money
Zosius > so
Zosius > 700mil
Ronk Delta > no
Zosius > name your price
Ronk Delta > final game
Zosius > what?
Zosius > 500mil
Zosius > what do you say

Looks like no ransom to me. I keep the pressure on and soon see him out of juice. Kronos explodes. Upon checking his killmail I immediately get dollar signs in my eyes and my ears hear cha-ching sound of the register. Look ma, I caught a big one today!

That is a 3.6billion dead Kronos. Plus 600 million dropped loot, which all nicely fits in my cargo hold. I am not sure if Kronos pilot gave up, but he was not very interested in saving his pod. 

Which netted me another almost 1.5 billion killmail. Since it was locked by Vexor, he has noone to blame, but himself. I hope, as he now got a chance to have a clean start, he will be able to pursue his dreams rather than pimping out his missioning ship.

Unfortunately, that does not look to be the case. At least the dream pursuit won't be within EVE universe. While I was busy killing him, I had a lot of notifications flashing. At first I did not pay much attention to it, but then I noticed something interesting:

He placed 700 mil bounty, along with other 140mil in different transactions. Such a waste. In case he did not plan coming back, I've sent a compulsory eve-mail.

I always wanted to say that.

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