Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 2 - Patrolling the system

There are many play styles in EVE. Some choose null-sec, low-sec, w-space or high-sec. Every space has different play style attached to it. It is normal for like minded people to form groups. There's an interesting read about social groups on Crossing Zebras. Anyway, back on the subject. While people form groups they are also rather hostile to most outsiders. Thus you have NBSI (non blue shoot it). Something similar exists in ninja world. We are a tight knight group that we help each other out when needed. Though there are people doing same thing, but not within our group, thus they are called outsiders, or non-union ninjas.

I've noticed a suspect in local. Before I could react he either would leave system or suspect flag would be over. In any case, it caught my attention. While keeping eyes open I was minding my own business, or should I say carebear business. I visit a Drake in mission and notice that there's someone before me. I go in and see Hawk 20k off. Is it another ninja? Doesn't look to be one of our group. I can't see if he is suspect due to us belonging to the same npc corp. In any case I go for him and try to get to scram range. Yellow safety will make it easy for me to check without changing my overview settings. Unfortunately, before I could do that, Hawk warps off. I try to chase, but lose him after he bounces to safe spot.

I go back to mission and notice Hawk back on short range scan. As expected, I see him land, but at the range this time. Instead of chasing, I go through acceleration gate and wait for him at 0. Hawk pilot follows and I promptly tackle him and he tackles me. What followed, was the slowest fight I ever had.  Being shield fit, he is faster than me and is keeping range, forcing me to use my null ammo. At the same time he is neutralizing my Enyo and it is obvious I will lose out. As I am not interested in a honorable 1v1 I bring my logi. Once Augoror landed and had reps on me, it was only a matter of time now. And time it was. It took really awhile, but he finally popped.

I have 0 knowledge of frigate fights, but it was clear I would have lost 3 Enyos the way fight was going. It's a good thing I'm a sleazy bastard.

A high-sec victim

After an elite pvp fight I visited a Raven Navy Issue, piloted by Vorian Tagarian.  Game of thrones much? Not sure if he meant to spell Targaryen. I buzz around and he opens fire. Carebears are really much more in a shooty mood compared to early 2011. Even after all these nerfs when now it is much harder to bait and so much easier to avoid unnecessary aggro, paradoxically, I get much more action that in early days. Just need a bit more effort now. I tackle Raven and start killing his drones.

Once drones are gone I start working on his shields. Also one of reasons I fly buffer Enyo, is that I like to give a false hope to the carebears. Usually when my logi comes to the site, I am at 30-50% armor. This often triggers a reaction of them switching aggro to my logi, which then leads 2nd logi coming in. It usually is a cakewalk form there on. My logi pilot tackles, while Enyo waits out for timer and switches to Brutix.

Unleashing neuts and battlecruiser dps, missioning Raven Navy Issue was going down. It was time for a ransom.

No transaction was made, so I was forced to relieve him of his ship.

I think high-sec is consisted of most aggressive people. You see expensive losses in low-sec, w-space or null-sec, but you rarely gate same reaction While in high-sec, people lose a batleship and they unleash rage on you. Cursing with bad words is usually getting it off easy. They shoot smaller ship and they end up always a victim when things don't work out. If I shot at every ship without thinking twice, I would be very poor.

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