Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 2 - Free lessons

There are different ways to go about ninja salvaging. Occasionally I scan out a mining ship in the middle of space. It usually means he is mining in a mission. It is quite safe compared to asteroids fields as no one can just bump into you. Also, if system is full of ships, it can be a small chance you will catch anyone's attention. I, however, am always interested in whats up and thus usually pay such miners a visit. At first I come with a covert ops frigate and if I see cargo containers on d-scan, I bring my hauler.

This time I visit a retriever, peacefully mining in his own little world. I casually approach his cans and loot the ore, worth around 10million isk. A pocket change, but hey, it's free. I do not know how long it takes for them to mine it, but they are not usually very happy about it.

Carmen Dust > mine your own

I keep tabs on such miners. I sometimes steal 2-3 times before they realize they are not mining for themselves anymore and leave. Sometimes, they learn from their mistakes and bring their alt/friend.

Dark side is more fun

I continue scanning. It's unavoidable that there will be boring days. Like anywhere else in EVE. I found a very good supplemental activity - watching Miami Vice episodes. I somehow remembered this show when playing GTA V. Those are not series I would dedicate time watching under normal conditions, but it is interesting enough to watch when ninja salvaging. I don't really need to pay much attention until I get yellowboxed or shot at and it helps to pass the time during boring periods.

Of course when I do get a fight, my attention is full. In this case I catch a Prophecy and successfully continue to break his tank until white knight appears and releases ship from my clutches by jamming me out. Not getting a kill doesn't mean a defeat. I convo pilot to see how is he feeling.

Zosius > tell me if you want to try dark side of eve
Zosius > dont do missions or you will get tired
Ophers Freak > i don't want go PVP i am newbie

Ah, a standard "I'm too new to fight" excuse. I wonder how many people are there in high-sec that leave the game before experiencing their first fight.

Zosius > it doesnt matter
Zosius > you dont need to be old
Ophers Freak > i havn't skill and i don't know anything about ships fiting etc
Ophers Freak > after some time i can go PVP or anything as this
Zosius > we can teach you
Zosius > we can show you how to have fun
Zosius > what i just did to you for example
Ophers Freak > :D it was wery funy :D

I do not know what would be reaction if Ophers Freak actually lost his ship, but at least now he admits that our little engagement was rather fun.

Zosius > weren't you excited?
Zosius > its more fun to steal from other peoples missions
Ophers Freak > but what i need? for it
Zosius > only a frigate
Ophers Freak > Skills etc?
Zosius > just skills at lvl3 most is enough
Ophers Freak > it sounds good
Zosius > join the dark side :)
Ophers Freak > how?
Zosius > doing missions is good way to hate eve
Ophers Freak > or where?
Zosius > join us in Ninja Dojo

I don't normally try to convince every pilot to try something different in EVE apart missions. Sometimes I am just interested in their experience and if they take it well I suggest to try it for themselves. Ninja salvaging is not such newbie friendly activity unfortunately. Without proper support, besides stealing it is hard to do anything to battleships in a solo t1 frigate. Granted, smaller mission hubs would be still quite fun to bait cruisers and battlecruisers. I continue to give some pointers while looking for further targets.

A ninja salvager's Swiss knife

I stumble upon a Rattlesnake.

Piloted by Netharius Shadovein, it couldn't resist and took a shot at me. It promptly got tackled and disposed of. No ransom was attempted due to white knights in the area, so ship was dealt in the fastest manner possible.

Nothing too fancy. I love to see so many damage mods. They usually hurt, but it also means ship is not tanked to crazy levels. We exchange good fight in local and I get an interesting question.

Though me changing ship from Enyo to Brutix kinda should have given it away. Anyway, I am believer in an educated population of New Eden so I share my "secrets".

I give a free lesson and we part on good terms. A rare sight you see these days when working in my field. 


  1. I am pretty new to eve and to ninjaing, so I have a question: how do you swap ships with the orca after the nerf back then? Do you swap before engaging him at all? Do you wait out the timer? On grid or off? Why do you warp the orca on grid, isn't it less obvious if you warp away with your frig to come back with your Brutix?

    By the way, I have to commend you on your blog. A read the whole thing, good stuff.

    1. Hi there and welcome to EVE! Trick is to make them shoot my logistics ship so then I get engagement rights with 2 ships. If he shoots, then I scram with logistics and wait out timer with my main frigate to swap for a brutix.

      When I was new, I used to warp out and swap ships. But in earlier days you had 15 minutes and could extend timer by shooting wrecks. It is still possible, but 5 minute time window makes it very hard and that is why i bait in a t2 frigate which is normally capable of killing battleships on its own.

  2. Yes, I use an Iskur for that. Was just wondering how to get the tankier ships.

    1. check Ninja Dojo channel to collaborate with some guys, There are few people that need support and you could do much more if you have some teamwork. I used to have a partner back in the day and we could really do a lot of damage and take on groups and tanky ships.