Sunday, May 3, 2015

Donating for the cause. Plex for GOOD.

If you read any news sites you probably are aware of the crisis that is happening in Nepal. After earthquake hit, city was left in ruins and a lot of people were left without homes. Now I don't normally mix real life and gaming, however, since good folk at CCP announced PLEX for GOOD initiative, where they will be donating 15$ of each PLEX received, we now have a possibility to contribute while playing our favorite game. Check out dev blog for more info.

From my side, I decided to donate a plex per account I own, which amounts to total of 7 plex, already donated to CCP.

Ninja Salvaging for GOOD drive

In addition, I also announce, that starting today, for the next two weeks, every ransom I manage to get from my ninja salvaging activities, every loot I get from missioners ship wrecks, will be used to buy plex and donated. On this special case, I will also offer once in a lifetime "keep your ship intact" opportunity, where a carebear will actually be able to keep his ship for the price of one plex.

1 comment :

  1. Respect!!!!
    I'm glad that I was stupid enough to attack you and pay 830 million for Tibet.
    (And really glad I had that amount of ISK)

    As a noob carebear I risked my PvE caldari raven with good fittings.
    (I only played 2 months en now came back after 8 years.)
    This was also a real good lesson for me, and I have a lot to

    I'm still all alone in this game and could'nt ask for help to fight you. lol
    So in the end you would break my pretty strong tank (with the right forces).... :-)