Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 2 - Big temptation

Role playing an asshole has it's ups and downs. Downside is that a lot of people hate you and portrait you as a devil. Hmm, maybe that's not such a big of a downside? Upside is that in EVE, being an asshole pays. By killing and ransoming carebears you can earn quite good isk. On a good day you can earn so much ISK that it will take a lot of days for a missioner to do the same. It usually is by getting lucky and blowing up a shiny ship. If you get to ransom it, it can be a big bonus too.

Line between real and virtual worlds

To be an asshole, it's important to set your mindset that this is a game, in order to fully utilize your potential. I always strictly keep these 2 worlds separately. This time I have made an exception. With CCP running a PLEX for GOOD initiative, I pledged to donate my gains from ninja activities for the cause.

I do my activities when I get aggro from Raven Navy Issue piloted by Pieter Patric.

He thought he was being smart and decided to take a potshot at me from a long distance. Unfortunately for him, he burned to the opposite of me, which was an empty space and was not aligned to anything. Once he realized I am getting closer, he tried to turn and warp out, but it was too late. Granted, it was a close call. I pushed my modules to the limit.

In the end, I came out ahead. He aggressed my logi so it was just a matter of time now for my Orca to burn ridiculous range and me swap for another ship. To pass some time I decided to convo Pieter and see if I can get him contribute to the Nepal cause.

Pieter Patrick > uhhhh. make a deal? lol
Zosius > would you be interested to contribute
Zosius > for plex for good
Zosius > I will let you go if you donate plex for the cause
Pieter Patrick > plex???? 8oo million?
Zosius > 830

Pieter was shocked at first. He didn't want to believe we are talking about such high numbers. 

Zosius > i will send screenshot
Zosius > proving that i have donated
Zosius > and you will keep your ship
Zosius > if i scam, you can report me
Pieter Patrick > how do I know you will let me live?

A valid question. Usually there are no guarantees that people like me will honor their ransom. However, this time it is different. CCP has clearly stated that they will have zero tolerance to any scams made related to this initiative .

Zosius > I cant scam when it comes to this stuff
Zosius > ccp forbids
Zosius > you can read  my blog where i state this
Zosius > i already donated7 p lex
Pieter Patrick > ok... deal
Pieter Patrick > how to pay?

Our conversation was midway as was my Orca. Looks like we have a deal, but I get a question "how to pay?". A question that usually is asked to stall some time. I am getting tired of this.

Pieter Patrick > Will you're friends leave too????
Zosius > it is me multiboxing
Zosius > i am 1 guy
Pieter Patrick > Ok.... but I still don't trust it.,....

Trust is a rare thing to come by these days. Some people are really stubborn.

Zosius > well
Zosius > you have shiny ship
Zosius > price just went up to 1bil
Zosius > i scanned you with my orca
Zosius > last chance before i swap ships and kill you
Pieter Patrick > Soo...
Pieter Patrick > it happend

Raven Navy Issue price is over 500mil. Throw in some fits and 830mil for a ransom is quite a reasonable sum. That is until you scan his fit and see that it is full of shiny modules. Just as I rose the price to 1bil due to him wasting my time and reevaluating his ships worth, I see a wallet flash.

Well I'll be dammed. He actually did transfer the funds. At this point I have an excellent opportunity. I would be 830mil richer and I could kill his ship, collecting loot and getting extra half as much. My finger on the trigger is itching. What will I do?

Zosius > ok
Zosius > free to go
Pieter Patrick > have fun.... you deserved it
Pieter Patrick > stupid me attacking you
Zosius > you donated 15$ for nepal
Zosius > no harm done
Pieter Patrick > seriues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pieter Patrick > really?
Pieter Patrick > you're good ma!!!
Pieter Patrick > man
Zosius > please leave comment in the blog if you appreciate my work
Pieter Patrick > I'm noop.... how to do that?
Zosius > the link i gave you
Zosius > just go there and write a comment that you were let go :)
Pieter Patrick > ok... byebye
Zosius > cya

I let him go. I would not even twitch an eye if it was a t2 fit ship. I would prefer donation over a faction battleship killmail, but scanning him with an Orca, really made things difficult. It's not that often you get so lucky and get a juicy target. But since I have made a promise and a line between 2 worlds have been crossed, I honored my word. As promised, PLEX was donated to CCP.

It might be a drop in the sea, but by trying not to be ignorant, I believe world can be a better place. Meanwhile, plex for good period is almost over and I get to be full time greedy bastard again.

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