Friday, May 22, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 2 - Being broke

I've said many times and will it say again. Don't fly what you can't afford to lose. Somehow, residents of high-sec often ignore this rule and sooner or later the day comes when they pay for it. Take me for example. I always keep my costs to a minimum. Even when I have money to use t2 logi ships or a shiny pvp ship to kill carebears, I don't do it. Primarily because it all depends on return on investment. If same job can be done cheaply, you should not over do it on an off chance that in 1 out of 100 situations you might need it. I also never owned a Vindicator. It always felt very expensive and I couldn't think of any scenarios where should I use it without proper fleet, being solo or very small gang player.

Expensive lesson

I tackled a Megathron Navy issue. While I was half-way through his armor I initiated a convo, giving a chance for the pilot to pay ransom.

So far so good. Everyone tends to listen when you have a gun pointed at their head.

Not to waste too much time, I ask for a fit, so I can give an adequate ransom price. Just as I say my demands, we suddenly hit a brick wall. What do they expect? That I would let them off with a warning?

I get "I'm broke" excuse. It's been proven many times that carebears tend to lie about their financial situation. There are so many ways to go around it. I offer good repayment plan, such as taking his ship and selling at the auction and returning the remainder. Clearly that ship was out of his league and it was to his best interest to downgrade to something more suitable to his financial situation. Unfortunately, my solutions fell on deaf ears and thus I had no choice but to confiscate his ship the hard way.

A one billion ISK ship goes up in smoke. Full of faction stuff. Even cap rechargers are faction. Lack of t2 guns only confirms my fears that this was casual "get to bigger ship asap" case and immediate treatment was required. Thankfully, antimatter medicine does not cost much these days.

As a good doctor should, I did a quick check on the patient's health several days after.

Looks like all is well. Bagool Dunkey is back in lowsec, flying ships he can now afford to replace. Another soul successfully saved. Both high-sec and low-sec benefit from it.


  1. So you killed a noob. Well done.

  2. No, he enforced the risk vs. reward design of the game.

    But I agree with you it was well done. We need more heroes like this to break people out of their walled-off drudgery and remind them that they are playing a social, PvP game.

    1. Once again someone is misleading. This isn't a PvP game. This is a sandbox game. If it were a PvP game there wouldn't be an option to mine nor would there be any missions to take from npcs. Ships would be purchased from npcs and no one would craft them. What the OP has done is used a game mechanics to ruin someone else's gameplay.