Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 3 - Different views

Some carebears will lock you, will tease you, but won't shoot you or will take a pot shot from the safety of 100km. Others don't have time for that kind of nonsense. You will come, shoot their mtu and they will unleash their wrath on you as soon as positive lock is gained. Those types are my favorite.

Stig Inge Oy is one of them. He did not take lightly of me entering his mission and set his drones to do the dirty work. And let me tell you one thing. They stung like hell. Had I not pre-warped my logi ships, I would be warping out in structure and that would be that.

But my logi did come and it was just a matter of time for Dominix to meet his doom. He was not tanking particularly well either. Those low slots must be full of drone damage mods. That would explain why I had such a struggle. It was time to talk business.

Business went well. Without much negotiations Stig Inge Oy transfered requested 200 mil. He was a bit reluctant at first, but alerts of his ship entering structure must have helped to change his mind. I only needed to check if his paperwork was in order and he was good to go.

Things took turn for the worse when the lack of mining permit came to light. As an agent of the New Order I am within my full right to confiscate ship that violates the law of high-sec. Stig Inge Oy had hard time believing that. In fact, he was showing signs of a rebellious nature.

I like to keep conversations accurate and backed up by facts. I even provided a link to a post where I have indeed honored ransom after mission runner bought a mining permit. Even though ransom was honored, I was flamed and no appreciation was shown. Since it was obvious no lessons were learned, I decided to change the strategy a bit. I only offer to buy a mining permit after ship has been disposed of. Now, only way to get away safe after paying a ransom is to have a mining permit already bought and displayed in bio. Stig Inge Oy, even after being proven wrong, was still accusing agents of being scammers.

Stig Inge Oy changed the topic after being asked to explain the scam and provide proof. Suddenly he was interested in knowing why he couldn't escape using his micro jump drive. Despite providing an invaluable lesson, I was added on his red list. That's strange. I would have expected an excellent standing and nothing less.


  1. and because guys like you, people don't pay ransoms anymore

    1. high-sec mission runners won't shoot you second time, thus unwritten ninja code dictates "milk as much as you can first time". And this "they don't pay ransoms" is just a cry of pathetic pirates. If you have reputable organisation, you have no problem ransoming.

      For example in wormhole corps reputation carries a lot of weight as also some low-sec pirate corps openly states in their bio.

    2. Both my previous and current corps are "reputable organizations". People still don't pay ransoms because they have heard that ransoms aren't honored in eve.

    3. Then you are not known enough as ransoming organisation or don't have good convincing skills. When i was randoming wh space i linked forum post for feedback and it worked fine. The game is built this way, no concequences apart reputation. You have to find a way around it instead complaining. If you bought a titan or supper and got scammed, would you claim how it ruins your business? Steve proposed 3rd party ransoming tool but there was not much interest. I used forums as alternative. Its easy to point at other guy how he ruins the game instead of finding solution

    4. It's his choice and game style if he chooses not to honor ransoms and it's your job to make yourself/your organization reputable and credible if you think you're affected by it.

      Deal with it (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

  2. Kinda shitty not to honor the ransom.